Villanova stops investigation into train tunnel incident

A student was allegedly knocked to the ground in a racial attack

Villanova University has ceased its investigation of the case of the unidentified Villanova student who was allegedly knocked to the ground by a group of white men shouting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” on November 10th.

Radnor Police ended their the investigation last month after the student claimed she no longer wanted to pursue it, and the university followed suit over the weekend.

Jonathan Gust, Director of Media Relations, said “the university has closed its investigation, as has the Radnor Police Department, because the student who reported the incident has chosen not to pursue the matter any further.”

According to, Gust “declined to say why the student did not want to cooperate or whether the university knows the identities of the males allegedly involved in the incident.”

He added that “we’re not going to speculate on what occurred.”

This development comes after more than 750 Villanovans assembled in solidarity with the unnamed victim to discuss the post-election climate on campus.

Villanova University