We asked St. Joe’s students what they think of us


St. Joe’s basketball team will go up against our Villanova Wildcats on Saturday in the “Holy War”, an annual rivalry game between two of Philadelphia’s Catholic universities.

The Villanova Wildcats have won the past four of these games, and the odds are pretty high that they’ll do it again… probably because we’re undeniably better.

Although the game highlights the enduring athletic rivalry between schools every year, it’s a rivalry that reaches far beyond the basketball court.

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In preparation for the big game, I travelled down the Main Line to find out just what St. Joe’s students think of us.

The first word Ed Mackley, a freshman business major, associates with Villanova is  “stuck-up.” Real nice.

To describe a Villanova student, Manon Dolley, a freshman education student said: “Vineyard Vines clothes.”  She’s not wrong…

To answer the same question, Mackley said: “Preppy and too nice.”

Spotted: a St. Joe's student wearing Nova gear

Spotted: a St. Joe’s student wearing Nova gear

The mood amongst the freshmen felt a little bitter, but recent graduates of St. Joe’s seemed to have a more good-natured view of Nova.

Barry Boran, a 2015 graduate, said: “Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed the Holy War rivalry.  But I’m not going to lie, when we didn’t make it to March Madness, I was rooting for Villanova and was thrilled when they won.”

One guy from the class of 2015, said: “It’s hard to imagine a more intense rivalry between two schools within the Philadelphia area.  From academics to the hardwood, both schools hold themselves to an incredibly high standard, and that rivalry really comes to fruition when these two schools come together.”

So although we’ll probably win, when we go up against the Hawks in the Pavilion this Saturday, let’s keep in mind the advice of everyone’s favorite Wildcat Troy Bolton, who once said: “We’re all in this together.”

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