Villanova’s ranking may be two, but we’ll still win the championship


Even though it’s just the start of basketball season, the Wildcats are looking very very good. They’re currently undefeated, winning their last game by 25 points over Penn.

The boys also haven’t had a major upset yet and that’s something to sing home about. Other top teams, such as Duke and Kansas, can’t say the same.

Duke lost to Kansas earlier this month and Kansas, another top team, lost to Indiana in a tight, overtime game — so looks like we’re clearly better.

Not to brag, but the team have been outstanding. A run down of their other wins are the following:

Villanova vs. Lafayette, they smashed it, winning 88-48.

Next we have Villanova vs. Purdue, then won 79-76.

Then there’s the Villanova vs. Western Michigan game, resulting in a 76-65 win.

In Villanova vs. Wake Forest, we won 96-77.

The Villanova vs. UCF game was a nice 67-57 win.

And Villanova vs. College of Charleston was a 63-47 result.

Basically, we’re unstoppable, and although this seven game win streak is nothing compared to their 35-5 record last season, but it’s definitely a good start.

There’s no reason that Villanova can’t pull off another championship win this year. Coach Jay Wright has made key additions to his team, including Eric Paschall. Other key additions include Donte DiVincenzo, who was hurt last season but has played in every game thus far.

15 straight #BIG5 wins.

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The critics and non-believers are slowly being put to rest. Even without star players Daniel Ochefu and Ryan Arcidiacono, the chemistry that drives the Wildcats is clearly still there. Josh Hart has taken over the leadership role on the court with 196 minutes already played, with Mikal Bridges taking the next highest with 174.

Even though there have been moments where the team looked a little shaky, those never last long and the team is able to get into their groove seamlessly.


At this point in the season, I think it’s safe to say that the basketball team has a good chance of going far in the upcoming March Madness tournament, and I wouldn’t put it past them to bring another championship to our campus.

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