We spoke to Frank Russomano about the NCAA

Blood, sweat and a heartfelt goodbye from the center midfield

For the first time ever, the Villanova soccer team reached the NCAA tournament this year.

There was excitement, there was a lot of hard work and now there’s a sense of disappointment as the boys lost 2-0 to the Akron Zips in the first round.

But with disappointment comes determination and the tournament has left the boys even more determined than ever, so we caught up with the team’s center midfield, Frank Russomano.


Frank Russomano, Senior, Economics Major

“Over the past 4 years, Villanova soccer has meant a lot to me. Not only did it allow me to play soccer in college, but it also allowed me to be a part of a family. A family that will last for years.

“Something that most people don’t realize about being a part of a sports team in college is that you literally are with your teammates non stop. I spend more time with the guys on my team than anyone else, especially during season and the friendships and memories that have come out of playing for Villanova is what means most to me.”


“Along with the memories and friendships, the major things that have come out of playing for Villanova have to be the intangibles that no one really thinks about. The discipline that each player must have is extremely important in order to be a successful athlete.

“Leaving a day before a game, and coming home the night after or the day after is what’s most difficult about our discipline. Sometimes getting home at 3am and having to go to class the next day is tough, but it’s something you just have to do in order to stay on top of your work.”


“Being in the NCAA tournament is something that this program has never reached, so of course it was our first time going through something like this. As the show went on, and on, and as teams continued to be called, the silence in the room continued to grow. You could honestly hear a pin drop.

“When they called Villanova, there was an overwhelming relief. After all the work, so much work, that was put in since last January, we finally got the feeling that we’ve done something special.

“Team chemistry is everything and that’s what brought us to where we are. The bond that our team has is unmatchable and it has been a catalyst for us to get to where we are. To finish 3rd in the Big East regular season as well as to make it to the Semi-Finals of the Big East Tournament, and of course the first round of the NCAA tournament and not have one kid on the team named First Team All-Big East, shows that we are team that uses our unity to be successful and we don’t rely on a best player to get the job done for us.”


“Throughout his 4 years, Will Steiner, our captain, really grew into becoming a great leader for our team. During the first few seasons that I have played at Villanova, the thing that our team lacked was unity and attitude from the players.

“This stems from leadership and Will has done a great job at bringing the team together and making sure we understand that our bond is what makes us a successful team. His leadership on the field is second to none.

“You can tell that he just wants to win always and will do whatever he can to do that.

“Of course there is a lot that I will miss about playing soccer at Villanova – I’ll miss playing the sport that I grew up playing every day, I’ll miss the road trips and nights spent in the hotels with my teammates, but most of all I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made.

“Not to say that we won’t be friends after, but the fact that we all share this common love for the game of soccer and that we get to experience it together is the coolest part.”


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