Villanova is the 25th best college for attractive guys

There are lots of fish in the sea, but maybe you should just check out Villanova’s pool

On Niche, Villanova was graded with an overall A, so you should definitely be proud to be a Wildcat.

Most importantly though, we came 25th in a ranking of the hottest guys on US campuses, and it’s surprising we didn’t come higher…



To calculate this, Niche surveyed students for their opinions literally on the attractiveness of guys at Villanova, and considering there were 1,191 other colleges in this study, coming 25th is a pretty good reflection of our yummy guys.

But the ranking isn’t all hot guys and their pretty smiles, Niche graded Villanova on a whole bunch of stuff including major popularity and the type of typical students.

For academics, we got an A, for our party scene, we were graded B+. Now, here’s why…


Picture by Mimi DeVita, senior

Starting with the academics, there are many factors that play a role in the overall grading. Villanova’s students are driven individuals aspiring to reach their full potentials. With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, professors are often available for office hours, which helps build relationships.

Students do not take this for granted and often drop by to discuss entire chapters or simply ask for as little as clarifications. Some even drop by just to show face so that when time comes for midterm or finals grades, professors will remember the effort that was made, no matter how miniscule.

Professors are not the only help to students. The entire Villanova community takes part in making the academic experience truly worthwhile. There are tutors, math and writing centers, as well as other peers who can assist you. Students are constantly studying in groups, comparing notes, teaching each other. Bartley is the go-to study area and near finals week, you’ll find it hard to find an empty room to study in.

There are study groups or friends staying up late together, motivating each other to do their work. Villanovans take their studies seriously making for a well-deserved A in academics.

U.S News & World Report ranked Villanova University in the top 50 for the nation’s best colleges and universities and Bloomberg ranked Villanova as the best U.S. undergraduate business program.

Now, on to the all important party scene. Broken down, our access to bars scored a B+,  athletics obviously got an A+ and Greek life came in with a B-.

Let’s talk bars. The mainline bars are convenient to hop around, if you’re 21. If you’re not 21, it’s safe to say that there’s no guarantee you’ll get into all of them. Some bars have upped their scanner technology while others have just gotten stricter.

In the past, you were able to get away with a subpar fake, but now you need to have a real ID of someone who really looks like you, plus a backup. This makes it hard to see all grades out on the weekends. In the case of big events like Parents Weekend and Homecoming, it’s better to avoid the bars if you’re not of legal age. Since they’re so packed, bouncers are that much stricter.

Greek life? If you are part of the Greek community, you will know that because Villanova is a private, Catholic and dry campus, it may not necessarily be as “fun” as other colleges and universities. Compared to other state schools, our party scene tends to be known as below average and borderline laughable.

However, if you are Villanovan, you know that it can be Villasofun. The Greek life rating is low because of how closely students and student activities are watched by the members of the Greek life office.

Villanova University embraces its values and works to make sure that all students are a good representative of those values as well. Because of this, students are held to a higher standard and level and taught to take responsibility for our actions.


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