Everything you know if you’re a Wildcat

Our campus basically belongs on Instagram

It’s the little things, the things that we forget we appreciate as we leave for the summer months and don’t get our daily dose of Villanova. It seems as if all Villanovans connect on another level through the experiences we have on and off campus. Villanova’s idiosyncrasies are subtle yet contribute more to our Villanova experience than we realize.

There are some things, as Villanovans, we just know and can’t explain – I guess it’s just a perk of being a Wildcat.

Basketball season is the one thing that gets you through the winter


It may be cold, or even below freezing temperatures as you wait at the Wells Fargo tailgate for the doors to open, but you would never trade it for the world. As soon as Hoops Mania ends, the feeling of excitement basketball season gives you slowly seeps back into your body, until all of the sudden it’s time for March Madness and a new level of stress is added.

Speaking of March Madness, you literally go into a state of anxiety for the entire tournament

As a sophomore, I’ve never had to experience Villanova losing in the tournament. The years before me haven’t had the same experience. Even though we beat “the curse” of losing early on, it doesn’t lessen our anxiety by any stretch.

You know the feeling of being a National Champion


While we can’t all say that we directly contributed to that legendary shot with 4.7 seconds left, we like to say that we indirectly helped the team to their victory.

The moment we became National Champions was the best moment of all of our Villanova careers, and quite possibly our lives.

It’s risky to walk into the Exchange if you don’t want to talk to people

The Exchange is the hub of all social activity. Everyone knows that if you’re trying to avoid someone or actually be productive, the Exchange might not be the place to go.

The church’s only benefit might be its Instagram pictures

Do you even go to Villanova if you haven’t posted a picture of the church on Instagram? The church looks beautiful at any time of the year.

Sometimes it’s even nice to just go in there, sit for a bit and reflect on all this campus has to offer.

Campus Corner is your go-to place for some 2am food, no matter what day of the week it is

What would our lives be like without Campus Corner? The world may never know, and it’s a good thing they don’t have to.

No matter what you’re looking for, Campco probably has it.

It would not be the most upsetting thing in the world if Tolentine got burned down… again


You would really think that Tolentine would be a better, less confusing place after it got rebuilt, right?

Wrong. It’s the worst. By a lot.

Registration is the most stressful time of your semester

Somehow, the first schedule you make does not look remotely close to what it actually ends up being. The easy, amazing teachers you wanted filled up within the first hour and, to top it off, you get stuck with 8:30’s at least twice a week.

Ah, how relaxing.

You’re surrounded by extremely successful people and it’s really really intimidating

Oh yea, that girl with a 4.0 GPA and triple major? She also just single-handedly built seven homes on her week-long service trip.

OK, so not actually, but it can get pretty intimidating when it seems as if everyone around you knows where their life is headed.

Don’t fall into the trap though, no one really has their life together that much.

You’d never trade your Villanova experience for anything


Yes, it has its ups and downs, but so does everything else in life. You treasure your four years at Villanova, and can’t help but feel as if time is flying by whenever you come back from each break.

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