A racial attack on Villanova campus is being investigated

It’s thought the election triggered it

Villanova University, is currently undergoing an investigation following a racially motivated assault on a black female student.

A student was walking from the university’s west campus to the main campus through the underground SEPTA station tunnel on Thursday, when she was approached by a group of white males spewing racial slurs at her.

The attack took place in this tunnel

The attack took place in this tunnel

The males were yelling “Trump, Trump, Trump,” amongst other racial rhetoric, it was confirmed today.
The group allegedly walked toward the student and pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground where she struck her head.

Although it occurred on Thursday night, it was not brought to the university’s attention until Friday morning.

It has still not been reported whether the student was hospitalized for her injuries.
The university’s Public Safety Department has commenced an investigation alongside the Radnor Police Department.

On Saturday, the student body and faculty received an email from the university’s president, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, reproaching the discriminatory behavior that has recently been played out on the national level, and at the university level.

“Over the past few days, I have been deeply disturbed by several reports of members of our community using our nation’s political process as a justification for behaviors and language aimed to intimidate or humiliate other people,” he wrote in the email. “This type of behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at Villanova.”

This attack, seemingly motivated by the results of the election, is one of the many that have been popping up all across the nation. In other local news, the University of Pennsylvania is currently investigating an incident where a number of first year, black students were added to a racist messaging group called “N***** Lynching.”

Penn’s campus, set in the middle of bustling Philly, was chaotic on Friday when the vicious and prejudicial messages started to appear on cell phones across campus. The group was created on GroupMe The messages came from a username “Daddy Trump” that wrote comments such as “Hail Trump,” and spoke of a calendar event named “daily lynching.”

With the help of the FBI, the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, the Philadelphia Police force, and the universities involved, the source of the hate was pinpointed to be a student from the University of Oklahoma. The student has not been named as of yet.

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