Meet Darryl Reynolds, Villanova’s greatest baller

His mom is his favorite person

Most people only know Darryl Reynolds as a ballin’ player, but what makes him even more lovable is his shining personality. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of getting to see both sides of 6’9″ Reynolds.

His playful persona is what keeps the teams’ energy going and classes enjoyable.

Kris Jenkins had something short yet sweet to say about his BFF Darryl: “D Rey the man. He is the GOAT.” For those of you who don’t know, GOAT stands for greatest of all time, and if Kris is describing Darryl as the GOAT, he must really be the GOAT.



V’s up always, Darryl enjoys his time at Villanova. Basketball has become such a big part of his life as well. For most of his life, Reynolds grew up playing football and it wasn’t until the end of his freshman and beginning of his sophomore year in high school that he found his affinity for and interest in basketball.

From there, he realized that rather than football, he wanted more to pursue a career with basketball. He describes how basketball is “so much more fulfilling and satisfying and I guess more natural” to him. He emphasizes how “it just feels right.”

Speaking with D Rey himself, he opened up about some more personal things, including his mom: “Basketball is, well has, become most of my days now. I’m with these guys 24 hours of the day. I’m apart from them for all of an hour or two and now they’ve become such a deep-rooted part of my life. I couldn’t imagine living without them.

“And my favorite person is my mother because she’s a blessing, man… Truly a blessing.”

He talked about his studies too, explaining his love for broadcast journalism “because of the hands on way the class is, ya know?” So if anyone is ever dying to sit in a class with Darryl, you should sign up for a journalism class…

When asked about his hobbies, he showed a liking to Netflix, explaining: “my favorite hobby would have to be watching movies and it’s what I wanna get involved with when I stop playing ball, so it’s a win-win.”


To top it off, here are some other random things Darryl has to say about himself: “As far as some random things, I wanna write and direct for film when I’m done playing ball, I went to Morocco this past May to see my girl’s home country and it was amazing, I love Ms. Kim and still listen to Lana on the reg.”

In general, the Nova Nation loves the game of basketball not just because the players are talented, but because of each player as a person. Reynolds’ personality and playfulness bring joy to so many at this school and it’s fair to say his presence alone puts a smile our faces.



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