Drunk VSG candidate rushed to hospital after big Friday night out

He said it was no reflection on his ability to be a good president

Everything you didn’t miss at the VSG presidential debate

Apparently Ariana and Jude both think Newcomer is great

Jack Newcomer not invited to presidential debate

The debate starts at 6pm in Rand Lounge

Gossip Squirrel have released a second parody video targeting VSG candidates

This time they’ve focussed on Ariana Fowler’s campaign

VSG says votes for Newcomer will not be counted

Newcomer claims past alcohol violations are behind VSG’s attempts to disqualify him

Gofundme for Taylor Force raises over $25,000

Record-setting fundraising reflects outpouring of love for the Force family

Vanderbilt student stabbed to death in Israel while collecting money for charity

He was on a trip with the University

Vanderbilt presidential candidates have just been announced

Ariana Fowler and Jude Cohen go head to head

Hillary Clinton is in Nashville

She’s with Fitz from Scandal and they were both in Fido’s

Munchie Mart to stock avocados and nut butter after freshman’s petition

The most basic of petitions

Uber will send out local Nashville singers to serenade bae for you

Impress your Valentine with a little gift from our favorite rideshare service

They are gonna use fireworks to blow roosting birds off campus

Finally, Vanderbilt has found a safe and cost-effective solution to our incessant bird problem

Free burritos for all because every Chipotle in the country is shut

You just have to text by 6pm today

The Tab takes Commodore Country

The Tab Vanderbilt has arrived