Vanderbilt has some of the happiest students in America

We ranked #2 in the Princeton Review

The Princeton Review just ranked Vanderbilt number two in having the “happiest students” in the nation and seventh in “best quality of life.” Honestly, we’re not surprised.

Not only are we the best school in the world, but we’re in Nashville, TN, which is arguably the greatest college town of all. To further prove that, we took the #1 spot in the “college city with the highest marks.”

Rice University in Texas ranked #1 in “happiest students,” but that’s probably because they’ve never been to Vandy. And as for the most beautiful campus, it’s Rhodes College in Memphis that takes the top spot. That just goes to show that Tennessee really is the most beautiful state.

Basically, we’re the best across the board. If this were the Olympics, you know we’d be going home with medals.