Brandon Vandenburg found guilty of encouraging teammates to rape his own date

The jury in the Vanderbilt football case deliberated for four hours today

Former Vanderbilt footballer Brandon Vandenburg encouraged his teammates to rape an unconscious woman who he had dated that evening, a jury in Tennessee has found.

He was found guilty on multiple counts of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery, as well as one count of unlawful photography.

The incident occurred in a dorm room in June 2013. New York Magazine reported the “sickening details” of the night of the rape as follows:

“Brandon Vandenburg allegedly took his then-girlfriend on a date to the bar Tin Roof, which resulted in a night of heavy binge drinking. The woman was unconscious when she was allegedly carried from the car into the dorm by Vandenburg. Prosecutors say that video footage shows the players dragging the unconscious woman down the dorm’s hallway while giggling, snapping photos and video, and pausing to inspect her naked body. Once inside the dorm room, one player allegedly penetrated her with a water bottle while another encouraged him. One defendant allegedly urinated on the victim and “made a racial statement.” Another passed out condoms to his fellow players before assaulting her.”

The prosecution in the case said Vandenburg gave out condoms to the players who raped the woman, and shot videos of their assault, which he sent to friends in real time.

Jurors deliberated for four hours before reaching their verdict.