Four UVA professors accused of sexual misconduct in anonymous Google doc

‘He invited me back to his hotel room’

A public Google Doc entitled "Sexual Harassment in the Academy" has compiled over 2,000 anecdotes about sexual misconduct at Universities.

UVA was not among the top 25 reported schools in the document (UC Berkeley, Columbia, and UT Austin were the top 3), but the four allegations made against UVA staff are alarming nonetheless.

An anonymous claim from December 2017 reads,

"A prominent man in my field grabbed my thigh while sitting next to me at a conference dinner. He later cornered me at a reception, told me his wife didn't care what happened at conferences, and invited me to back to his hotel room." The writer goes on to describe the UVA professor as tenured and "highly respected in [their] field."

Another report describes another "powerful" professor who pushed them into a corner. They wrote, "he put one arm on the wall to block me and leaned in to kiss me. I pushed my way past him and left."

Three of the four claims were made against professors within the same department.

University of Virginia