Keeta the dog needs our help

Donations can be made online

Every UVA student has probably seen Keeta aroung grounds at some point. After all, he’s a hard one to miss—a giant, furry, friendly Akita always accompanied by his best friend Scout the Yorkie (also known as “Little Bug”).

Unfortunately, Keeta is currently in the hospital being treated for three seizures which he suffered on Monday, August 28. His kidneys are malfunctioning severely for unknown reasons, so many further tests will be required. He was also found to be severely anemic, which has made treatment more complicated.

Due to the heavy costs of treatment, a fundraising page has been created to raise money and generate awareness for one of UVA’s most beloved community members.

Keeta’s owner Trung Nguyen stated in his description on the page that all donations will be going directly to Keeta’s medical care and any leftover funds will go to the Charlottesville SPCA.

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Nguyen added that one of Keeta’s favorite things is meeting new people around grounds. “Charlottesville is his home and the people who stop to say hi are very special to him.” We hope to see his friendly face again soon.

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