New student center opens on the Corner

Some of you might remember it as the old UVA bookstore

A new student center called 1515 opened on the Corner last Friday, March 17th. The new space was designed by students for students.

Some generations of UVA students may remember it as the old Virginia Bookstore that, after 20 years of operation, closed in 2014. Before it was a bookstore the space held other establishments such as Cavalier Diner, Jamison’s College Store, and Lloyd’s Rexall Drugstore.

If any third years were ever confused as to what was going on with that empty space all these years, this is it. The project had a budget of $4.9 million, with full construction services provided by UVA’s Project Services team in Facilities Management.

And guys, this place is AWESOME.

Upon entering 1515, the first floor looks much like the lounge of a Starbucks, but much bigger. There are sofas and tables where you can chill or do homework and there is a long bar perfect for homework or eating as well. There’s a cafe called “Crumbs on the Corner” and even a stage that can be reserved for student performances before 7 p.m.

If the first floor is packed or you need more silence, there are study rooms upstairs you can reserve online at your desire, but there is also space open to any. If studying doesn’t suit you there are homey spaces in the corners that serve as room for rehearsals, meetings, meditation and more.

The first floor of 1515

Finally, let’s discuss the best part of 1515: the basement. A game and lounge area, all the games are free to students. There are two additional enclosed rooms: an arcade – which includes, I kid you not, Pac Man, Pinball, and Mario Bros – and the other a lounge/more quiet area. It doesn’t end there, because under the stairs are board games like Monopoly if some of you ever feel nostalgic, and there is a photo booth still at no cost. Yet, none of this compares to the Pool, Air Hockey, and Foosball tables, and last but not least: Skee ball.

Study break perfection

The best part about it all is that you can study and have fun at your jurisdiction and it’s easy because your study break is only a walk down to the basement.

The building is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. After 7, only students, faculty and staff may access the building using their UVA ID to swipe in, but students may bring guests with photo ID until 2 a.m.

So if you haven’t been to 1515 yet, it is highly recommended you go check it out – even if only to play pool.

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