How many calories are in your favorite corner drunchies?

More than we would like tbh

As much as we’d like to deny it, late night food is a major contributor to the First Year 15 (or your year’s equivalent). It takes a certain person to stomach 4 slices of Christian’s tortellini pizza every Friday night and feel no impact. You may not want to know the TRUTH about your favorite drunchies, but perhaps it’s time for a little reality check.


Cheers to the weekend. Definitely devouring a gloriously cheesy quesadilla like @fairuxamnasir

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Chicken quesdailla = ~540

Little John’s:

1 sandwich = ~260 calories

Insomnia Cookies:

The gang's all here. #smores #pbcup #triplechocolate #deluxe #cookies

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1 chocolate chunk cookie=250 calories

1 deluxe S’mores cookie=540 calories

Marco & Luca:

Their dumplings are cheap and wonderful, and chances are you’re going to get a couple more than you paid for (shoutout to Marco & Luca workings for being generous!).

Pork dumplings= 520 calories in one serving

Noodles are a must-have as well

Christian’s Pizza

Avocado feta=431 calories/slice


5 hush puppies=257 calories

5-oz seasoned French fries=590 calories

White Spot:

#TheWhiteSpot seriously is the best #diner #hamburger I've ever had. Keeps me coming back to #charlottesville!

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Gus Burger = ~460 calories

This doesn’t seem like a ton given the greasiness and heft of one of UVA’s most infamous late-night options.


Slice of cheese pizza = ~408 (an average cheese pizza and a half)


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