We asked Charlottesville locals what they think of us

What do you think of when you think about the typical UVa student?

Stereotypes, although exaggerated and oversimplified, usually have a certain degree of truth. That they are widely held and accepted is what makes them ever present in our daily lives; and that they might be true to a certain degree is what makes them funny. UVa and its students certainly have their own, which some Virginians all too gladly expressed to us at The Tab. 

So what comes to mind?

Taylor Ragland, 20, and a local to Charlottesville, said that when she thinks of a UVa student she sees an “uppity snob.”

She wasn’t the only one that shared the sentiment.

Danielle Brown, 20, and also a local to Charlottesville, provided an image of the typical UVa outfit of the day: “all they wear is Vineyard Vines, khakis, Lacoste, and Sperrys.”

I like to dress preppy because the clean and colorful outfits mask the mess of a human being that is me inside” Josh said.

What are the students like?

“When I think of  UVA boys I think about people dressed like their dads are all lawyers,” Danielle Brown explained.

“All of them are fuckboys and wanna- be alcoholics,” says Chelsea Welch, 20, and also a local to Charlottesville.

Virginia Tech Student, Jeff Krysta, had further comments: “UVa students are peppy, egotistical, arrogant, boujee, and shitty at football.”

Then again, can a Tech student really be trusted?

How true are the stereotypes?

Jordan Bouldin, 20, and a student at Old Dominion University, thinks he has the perfect comprehensive list.

“UVa students are preppy, they only wear bean boots, and the dudes wear Sperrys, khakis, and colorful button ups. It’s a school full of rich white kids, and if you’re a black student at UVa then you know all the other black students there. You had to have been the top of your class to get accepted, and it’s cold as a bitch out there.”

Pretty confident in his list, Bouldin stated : “I swear I just stated facts not stereotypes.”

Whether these are facts or not we will let the readers decide for themselves. One thing is for certain, however, the most frequent ways UVA students were described were “preppy, uptight, and snobby.”


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