Advice for your second semester based on my first

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days

Reflecting on the first semester of my first year of college has shown me all the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned from them. Keeping these in mind, I’m hoping to be much more wise now (fingers crossed) and maybe you can too.

Keep track of your ID: I am most definitely a very forgetful person, and I have had some major #idstruggles this semester. I am embarrassed to say I have lost it twice and broken it once and am not even quite sure how I could be that much of a klutz. Needless to say, I have bought an ID sleeve for the back of my phone, and have been so much better off because of it!


Take advantage of fun events in between studying: Last semester, Lighting of the Lawn was probably one of my most favorite memories, and I almost didn’t go because I had a ton of work. That work ended up getting done anyway, and I had a great time enjoying the Lawn on my last few days before break. This semester is sure to have similar events, like the snowball fight on the lawn.


I would also highly recommend going to the drama department’s dance concerts – the one last semester was beautiful. It featured modern and interpretive dances created by mostly students but also faculty. The pieces drew upon abstract themes such as life and death, love and others. It was in the auditorium on arts grounds, and was free for students!




























Use a Planner: I never used a planner before college, and hadn’t planned on using one in college. But, as I learned, writing down all of the things to get done each day has really helped me get a visual of what I need to get done and when. I used a little notebook to write down everything from laundry to office hours, and doing that really helped me with my productivity.



University of Virginia