Vote: Whose caffeine reigns supreme in Charlottesville?

You know you have a favorite spot

We can all use a boost of caffeine here and there to help us keep going through the day, and as finals approach that starts happening way more often even if you aren’t the biggest coffee drinker. Luckily for us, we have a wide variety of places to choose from where we can grab and cup and even stick around to study or hang out with friends. Which coffee spot in Charlottesville is your favorite?

Shenandoah Joe’s on the Corner

The coffee here is how I like it best—strong. At the beginning of the year, when I didn’t know how I was going to make it to my 10 a.m. after a couple months of bumming it and sleeping in, Shenandoah Joe’s was there to wake me up in a way my alarm clock and a cold shower couldn’t. Plus, it’s pretty much on the way to classes from almost any Corner residence. 

Classic combination. Cappuccino and a pumpkin muffin. #shenandoahjoe #Cville #Charlottesville #coffee

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(used to be Para) The combo of solid coffee and location right on the Corner makes Grit a great study spot or place to meet up with friends. Grit also serves breakfast tacos and has a limited pastry selection if you’re hungry too. It’s the perfect place if you want to get away for a little without going very far at all.

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This requires a little trip downtown, but it is SO worth it. The quality of Mudhouse coffee is hard to beat. The shop is a little bougie/hipster-ey, which means steeper prices but you get what you pay for. Get in your car. Hop on the trolley. It’s worth it.

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Nothing really special, but you can generally count on Greenberry’s for a cup of coffee ranging from mediocre to pretty good. But key locations in Clark and Alderman make Greenberry’s the go-to between classes or during a study session. There’s one in Barrack’s too that’s nice to study at, and this location’s coffee is a definitely a step up from the locations on Grounds.

Friday caffeine fix ☕️?

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Starbucks on the Corner/anywhere else in Charlottesville/on Earth

The extensive menu at Starbucks will fulfill your any desire, from a tall coffee to a venti triple shot nonfat chai latte with two pumps of vanilla extra hot. Seriously though—have you ever ordered a regular coffee at Starbucks? Even if you haven’t, it’s still always there for you. In addition to a million other things on the menu.


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Starbucks at Nau

All Starbucks are pretty much the same, but the Starbucks at Nau is not up to par. But when you have a class at Nau or New Cabell, and you just need that caffeine, the location of this Starbucks is clutch. Also you can use your Plus Dollars (FYI though they don’t take Starbucks app rewards) Just make sure you get there before ten to the hour. Once the minute hand strikes 50, the line is out the door. And speedy service is not quite what this particular shop is best known for.

Your Keurig/other Coffee Maker

Sometimes, there is nothing like coffee made at home. Namely that it costs less than two dollars a cup and you can get it without leaving the comforts of home. Your trusty Keurig/other Coffee Maker is there for you when no one else is—a.k.a. at 2 a.m. when you’ve gone no further than reading the prompt for your paper due the next day. 

So when you’re in need of caffeine, what’s your go to spot? Vote here!

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