Three students awarded prestigious Marshall scholarship

For the first time in University history, two undergraduates and one graduate student have been named Marshall Scholars

William Henagan, Abraham Axler and Sarah Koch have each earned the coveted Marshall Scholarship, which finances students’ graduate studies in the United Kingdom as well as travel and other expenses associated with their studies.

This is the first time three students from UVA have been named Marshal Scholars in a single year. A maximum of 40 students across the United States are chosen.

Eligible students must have a minimum 3.7 GPA and are evaluated through the criteria of academic merit, leadership potential and ambassadorial potential.

Atlanta native William Henagan is a graduate student in the School of Commerce after earning his undergraduate degree in history from UVA in 2.5 years and spending nine months as an intern for the Obama administration in the White House. He also founded the popular student organization Greens to Grounds, which brings fresh produce to the University community.

Fourth Year Sarah Koch of Kansas City graduates this spring with a degree in Middle Eastern language and literature. She is an executive officer in the ROTC program and founded the R.J Hess Memorial 5K race. After attending Oxford, she plans to work for the US Army

Fourth Year Abraham Axler graduates this spring with a Politics honors major. He is student council and Class of 2017 President, and plans to work in public policy in his hometown New York City after attending the London School of Economics.

Additionally, each student is both a Jefferson and Echols scholar, and both Axler and Koch are lawn residents. The University’s associate director of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence was quoted saying “Abraham, William and Sarah are great students and people, and each of them has demonstrated the capacity to be a wonderful ambassador to the U.K., which made them perfect for the Marshall Scholarship.”

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