The dos and don’ts of UVA frat party fashion

Because someone will spill beer on you

It’s Friday night and you find yourself yet again digging through the depths of your closet, deciding which articles of clothing you will sacrifice to the frat scene tonight. You’re forced to decide if you will subject your cutest clothing to stains and scuffs, or if you’ll opt for a less stylish, but more frat-friendly outfit. But why should we have to choose? Why can’t we be both a fashionista and a frat party regular? By picking the right material and styles and making a few simple swaps, your nighttime outfits can be chic and stay damage free—no matter how fratty your weekend gets.

As a general rule of thumb, there are some materials you should absolutely avoid wearing to a frat scene. Leather and suede are serious no-go’s, they will absorb and retain stains and are easily scuffed. As far as clothing fabrics, opt for synthetic fibers, like polyester. Synthetic fabrics resist absorbing stains and are easy to clean compared to natural fibers. Cotton is probably your second best bet, but stay clear of fabrics like linen, and silk. Long story short, CHECK YOUR CLOTHING LABEL! Whether working with your pre-existing wardrobe, or looking to add some new pieces to your collection, there’s a few specific swaps that can make every outfit more frat friendly.

Instead of: a loose flowy skirt

Try: faux leather shorts, a structured skirt (denim or faux leather)


We all know the wardrobe malfunction that the slightest breeze can cause when wearing a flowy skirt. Instead of spending the night pinning your skirt to your sides, opt for a more structured bottom. Not only will these options stay in place all night, they’re also on trend! Check out these faux leather shorts to give your frat party outfit a grungy edge.

Instead of: leather or suede shoes/sneakers

Try: faux leather or suede shoes, canvas sneakers

We all love a cute pair of Adidas sneakers, but the pure white leather won’t last five minutes at a frat party. Instead of destroying the delicate material, try a pair of Converse. They’re totally spill-friendly—the canvas can be cleaned just by tossing them in the washing machine. If you’re still looking for a chic option, don’t pull out that pair of expensive suede booties. Opt for an adorable and affordable pair of faux suede booties, like these, that will retain fewer stains and scuffs.


Instead of: a strapless top

Try: an off-the-shoulder top

You’ve probably seen off-the-shoulder tops popping up in every store, runway show and fashion magazine. Not only are they incredibly on trend, but they’re also a much safer bet than a typical strapless top. While a strapless top can easy fall down and have to be repeatedly yanked up all night, an off-the-shoulder option will stay put. Check out this top that is sure to stay in place all night long.

Instead of: a crop top

Try: a bodysuit

Crop tops are all fun and games until someone brushes against you in a crowded room, accidentally lifting up your already tiny top. To avoid the entire party seeing your bra, swap your crop top obsession for bodysuits. Bodysuits are a foolproof way to ensure your top won’t ride up all night, and the leotard style of these garments looks sleek when tucked into bottoms. Whether you’re looking for lace-up, off-the-shoulder or turtleneck, bodysuits come in every style imaginable to help you pull off a chic look that won’t ride up.

Instead of: a cardigan

Try: a faux leather jacket

Not only are cardigans typically made from a hard to clean natural fiber, like wool or cotton, they can get hot in a crowded frat party. While cardigans are great for chilly fall days, give your fall nighttime look an edgy vibe by swapping your cardigan for a faux leather jacket. Not only does this fabric avoid staining, but it’s typically lighter-weight than real leather so you won’t get hot while dancing the night away. Here’s a great option that’s a fall frat party must-have.


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