UVA style guide: Girls edition

Not all of us are preppy people from a J.Crew catalog

Ask anyone what UVA fashion is and chances are they will paint an image of a frat boy in colorful Chubbies (or dare I say, khaki pants), a Vineyard Vines button down, Sperrys, and a baseball style hat of some sort. As for girls, a prep wearing only the brands J.Crew, Lilly, L.L.Bean boots, or Jack Rogers comes to mind. While there is no doubt there are many people that fit these categories (guilty), UVA has a much wider range of fashion than it is given credit for. Let’s start with the girls.


I had to start with the baseline. Here, yours truly is wearing the stereotypical J.Crew sidewalk skirt, a polo button down, and flats.

I really genuinely love the preppy aesthetic. I am such a monogram addict it is ridiculous. I love the confidence it gives to be put together and more or less business casual at the drop of a hat.

I genuinely love the preppy aesthetic. I am such a monogram addict it’s ridiculous. I love the confidence it gives me to be put together and more or less business casual at the drop of a hat.

Even though I dress like every other UVA girl stereotype, I really do love dressing up at any occasion. There’s something about knowing you look put together to give you a boost of confidence throughout the day. I know I feel like I can conquer anything if I have a cute outfit on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like dressing casual as much as the next person, and let’s be real my 8 am class does not warrant heeled booties, so this style isn’t a hard and fast rule for me.


Page wears a staple gray t-shirt with the current trendy button down suede skirt, and various necklaces matching metallic gladiator sandals.

"I'd say my style is classic and girly," Page said. "I love shoes, so I often plan my outfits around that."

“I’d say my style is classic and girly,” Page said. “I love shoes, so I often plan my outfits around that.”

I think its fair to say that Page’s style can be attributed to her northern roots. Coming from Connecticut, Page knows all about the classy northern look. She combines timeless pieces in a way that brings out the best of the current season and trends. As if this look wasn’t cute enough already, she also is wearing her go-to UVA edition Vineyard Vines bag to tie it all in.

Relaxed Urban

Chloe’s wearing a flowing black tank tucked into dark high-waisted shorts with chunky Birkenstock sandals.

Chloe has a unique mix that she calls “urban with a beach influence.” She is from New York City so naturally she has an urban feel in her style, but her Virginia Beach upbringing creates a unique twist to this by giving the mod look a relaxed vibe.

Trendy and Comfortable

Taylor is wearing a flannel layered with a gray sweater. She accessorizes with a black pearl necklace which she wears in a bolo-choker type fashion. She wears jeans to keep the look classic and comfy but adds some added oomph with some black fringed booties and aviators.

“Layering flannels and sweaters is one of my favorite things to do when fall comes around because it’s easy and comfy,” Taylor said. “Comfort is how I choose my style..something that is cute and comfy is always my go to!”

Taylor keeps up with trends depending on the season. She combines being preppy and girly with more modern styles in her outfits. She combines functionality with style whenever she chooses her #ootd. Not only is this look very put together, it is also comfy and simple – mainly a result of layering basics and accessories for a very distinct look.


On this particular day, Cassie has taken on a “tumblr-esque” look with all black – a striped black t-shirt with black shorts and black high tops.

“I like having colors coordinated and I like creating pairings that make me feel confident. I don’t really have a singular style I kind of go with what I feel for the day,” Cassie said. “It really makes my day when someone compliments me on my outfit!”

But Cassie doesn’t stick with this look everyday. Like a lot of us, she literally just puts on whatever she feels like for the day without conforming to a single style type. She loves dressing with florals and bright colors but there are some days when she will take this more edgy look.

This small sample alone shows it’s fair to say that we all don’t fit into one singular category. Stay tuned for the guys fashion edition… spoiler: not all boys at UVA are frat bros (shocker, I know).

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