UT Austin fraternities spray-painted with ‘rapist’ and ‘racist’

Other tags read ‘Nazis in training’ and ‘kill frat boys’

PSA: Ellen isn’t going to be on UT’s campus today


White Lives Matter rally draws thousands of counter-protesters

‘Slavery, genocide and war. Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great’

Stereotypes, superstitions, and strikeouts: We spoke to Beau Ridgeway about being UT’s star pitcher

He drinks chocolate milk before every game

There was a huge anti-Trump protest in UT today

‘Not my president’

UT Young Conservatives value baked goods by race in ‘racist’ bake sale

They were protesting affirmative action

‘Don’t get lost in semantics’: We spoke to the chair of UT Austin’s BSA

They held a ‘die-in’ on Friday

I live in the same building as the Sigma Chi shooter

He had a handgun and an AK-40

UT Austin ranked in the top 1 percent of universities in the world

Once again, we smashed Notre Dame

A huge San Fran venture capital firm wants to fund UT students

Can they find the next Facebook?

Great university, crappy financial aid: The Princeton Review paints a funny picture of UT

Generally it thinks we’re pretty awesome

‘Cocks not Glocks’: Books, pens, and fake cocks, just the first day of class essentials

Protesters fought the Concealed Campus Carry laws with dildos

Supreme Court rules in favor of race-conscious college admissions

Affirmative Action upheld in a 4-3 vote, backing UT Austin

Uber and Lyft shutdown in Austin

The two companies pull out after Prop 1 fails to pass

UT Austin’s journalism program ranked second in the nation

And it’s not just some kids spewing facts back and forth because they don’t like Texas A&M

UT Austin is one of the most sleep deprived schools in the country

Feeling sleepy?