BREAKING: Students evacuated from UT Austin because of ‘tuition pays for bombs’ sign

The CMA and Belo buildings of the Moody College of Communications are being evacuated

Students are being evacuated from UT Austin’s Moody College of Communications have been evacuated because of a sign reading “tuition pays for bombs.”

CMA and Belo have been evacuated over fears of a bomb threat, which police have confirmed there have been no reports of an actual risk.

UT Austin Police told The Tab: “We’re not aware of any specific calls about a bomb threat. Nobody called in with a bomb threat. Officers are over on campus and have not found anything. There is a sign being put up that has got onto social media about tuition and bombs.”

Student Aaron Schnautz told The Tab: “Not quite sure [what’s going]. I was on the third floor, people started yelling to evacuate. Haven’t heard anything official.

He added: “Belo must have gotten the all-clear, because people are going back in now. Seems like a false alarm.”

The sign has now been taken down.

When we contacted UT Austin about this, they said they hadn’t heard anything and then: “No comment.”

More to follow.

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