UT Austin fraternities spray-painted with ‘rapist’ and ‘racist’

Other tags read ‘Nazis in training’ and ‘kill frat boys’

Graffiti has been scrawled on the Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma and Phi Gamma Delta frats at UT Austin, reading “rapists”, “racists” and “kill frat boys.”

“Nazis in training”, “hang rapists” and “off our campus!” have also been spray-painted on the buildings.

Students with knowledge of UT Greek life have told us they are unaware of any specific or recent incident that the graffiti refers to. But they also pointed out a statistic reported by the Daily Texan that while just three percent of UT students are in fraternities, 50 percent of gang rapes are perpetrated by frat boys.

Photos of the messages were uploaded to Reddit’s r/frat, where subscribers are pissed, and saying some predictably awful stuff:

A spokesperson for Phi Gamma Delta told The Tab earlier this week: “Last night, our fraternity house was vandalized, as were, to our understanding, several other fraternity houses. While we have no idea what motivated this, we are removing the vandalism from our house and working with the University and local police to file a report. Further, we think the best way to respond is to continue to contribute to the UT community and behave in a way that represents our values.”

And a statement from UT Austin President Greg Fenves last night said:

“At The University of Texas of Austin, we will not tolerate vandalism and threats targeting our students and are actively investigating the recent incidents near campus. Many students understandably feel concerned and vulnerable. I want them to know we are committed to making UT Austin a safe environment for all of our students.

“UT police are working with Austin police to add extra patrols to the neighborhood and review video footage as part of a criminal investigation. The university has provided crisis support, advice and guidance to the students and groups affected by the incidents. The Office of the Dean of Students is investigating, in accordance with the recently issued Hate and Bias Incident Policy. The incident has also been referred to the Campus Climate Response Team.

“The Office of the Dean of Students has confirmed reports of graffiti vandalizing the Phi Gamma Delta house, located off campus. We are in contact with the students in this organization to gather information and provide support. No defamatory graffiti or vandalism — whether targeting individuals or organizations — has any place in our campus community.”

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