Every kind of guy you’ll see on Tinder in Austin

Swiping right in ATX

Everyone knows Tinder is an app meant for hooking up, but that’s not really why I downloaded it. I decided to download it just to see the kind of men I attract, and honestly just to see what kind of messages I would get from random guys.

After scouting on Tinder for a few days, I decided to share my observations with the world on the different types of guys you’ll see on Tinder in Austin, TX.

The backpacker

Whether it’s to get girls to swipe right or not, he definitely likes to include pictures of himself engaging in adventurous activities. Whether it’s jet skiing, hiking, surfing, snowboarding or jumping into Jacob’s Well, he likes to keep it fresh and interesting.


The gym rat

Okay, we get it, you have abs. Maybe he’s showing off his body for his one night stand or maybe he just really wants you to know he’s in top-notch shape. I’ve always found it a good idea to swipe right on these types of guys, unless his idea of a date consists of protein shakes and pull ups. In that case, swipe left.

The jock

He was probably a football player in high school and continues to show his love for sports during college. He’s an “All American Guy.” He’ll pay for your dinner, take you to a nice movie, and will most likely kiss you on the cheek when he drops you off at home. Or none of that happens at all and he wants you to come over at 3 a.m.. Whatever your cup of tea is, swiping right may not be the worst idea.

 The Bagel

Yeah, okay so I know this isn’t exactly a guy but who wouldn’t swipe right for a bagel? Carbs are friends and they are there for you when no one else is. Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that I matched with a “22-year-old” bagel?

The business casual dude

He dresses like player and might act like player, but he probably has no game. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter because based on his pictures, you are probably going to hook up with him. Unless you’re not into that in which case you would swipe left.

The funny guy

This guy obviously has jokes and isn’t afraid to be comical. He has 3 funny pictures, and 1 somewhat serious picture so you can see how attractive he is. I always swipe right on people I find amusing, because if I find them funny online they’re probably even funnier in person. Give this guy a shot, who knows what could happen?

The sugar daddy

So maybe you won’t hook up with someone who is more than two years older than you…or maybe you will. Regardless, this is one guy that you’re definitely going to want to swipe right on. He’s most likely financially established (meaning that he’s got $$$) and probably isn’t looking for anything serious hence why he is on Tinder. This is perfect because you’re probably not wanting anything serious either!

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