As if we didn’t know why UT Austin has the best student life

We didn’t ask to be the best, it just happened

Aside from our academic breakthroughs, Austin is one of the best places for college students to live. UT Austin has just been ranked #4  of the best colleges in America for student life — and this comes as a surprise to exactly no one.

It’s pretty obviously to see why UT has come out on top yet again: it’s located smack dab in the center of Austin, one of the most exciting and entertaining cities in the country. From jogging to the Capitol to raging at ACL to wasting away your lovely little livers on Dirty Sixth, UT Austin is the best place to live for students.

Reason #1: It’s home to everyone

UT is also regularly ranked as one of the most diverse college campuses in America. Being diverse in such a large campus provides a sense of cultural appreciation to students with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It’s amazing to see the support you get from the student body when there are cultural festivals and whatnot.


The annual Diwali Festival held in front of the famous UT Tower had more than just Hindu students. Students with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds came out to support their fellow longhorns. To have such a supportive student community is so refreshing, and only adds to why UT student life is amazing.

Reason #2: We definitely know how to have a good time

UT Austin is actually the best place ever for students to show their inner party animal. Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to go out into West Campus, hit up a frat party (or any random house party) and drink the night away. We’ve got Sixth, Rainey, Roundup, ACL, SXSW, and about six million other reasons to fill up your cup and dance the night away.


Reason #3: Students are constantly working to better the world

Student involvement on UT campus is also something that we excel at. With over 100 different organizations, you’re bound to find your fit. Fun fact: The Daily Texan is the largest student-run newspaper in the nation. Aside from being the best at many things, students are constantly involved in doing the best they can to be a part of the change that benefits society.

Reason #4: The support students show during game days is insane

Oh boy, you have not lived until you’ve been to a college football game — or, more specifically, a UT football game. Even Matthew McConaughey shows up to almost all of the home games. The support UT students show during games is insane. It’s like we’re all a family all of a sudden (I know, it’s cheesy but it’s true). We have our own Texas chants that you can hear from DKR football stadium and echoes all over campus. The games that we win are obviously the best because the infamous UT Tower lights up bright orange.

UT Austin