‘Therapy Wall’ constructed for students to share post-election emotions

Unsurprisingly, the safe space also housed some explicit messages as well

A Post-It note mural constructed to allow students a place for safe expression sprouted up on the SAC’s first floor today, drawings dozens of visitors from across campus.

Implemented by the UT Student Government, the wall is intended to be a place where students can express a wide range of emotions — from celebration to fear to confusion — both about the election and life after it. Students who shared a photo of the wall and their feelings were encouraged to include the hashtag #OurFuture.

Student Government Associate Director of Outreach Aman Hingu said the post-election campus climate has consisted of students walking around campus with low moral, yet high sensitivity.

“Social media is often used as platform to speak your minds, but also can spark conflicts amongst you and your friends,” Hingu said. “The Therapy Wall is a way to provide a safe space for students to anonymously speak their feelings about the election results, regardless of who they voted for or if they chose to abstain.”

Participants took the opportunity to decry guns on campus, the school’s state of affairs and, of course, president-elect Trump. An argument over whether or not Trump was an antisemite broke out over a series of Post-Its.

A student government spokesperson told the College Fix that they will not be removing ant of the Post-Its.

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