Things UT students are tired of hearing

We just don’t want to hear it

We’re all sick of hearing things we don’t like. Whether it’s from our professors, other students at UT, or friends who don’t even go here.

There are some things that really grind your gears, and he’s everything we can think of:

“There’s only 2 exams in the class”

What. Who thought this was a good idea?! An exam worth 50% of my average? Let me just block out the rest of my weekends to cry and study for my impending doom.

“I don’t believe in grading curves”

Yeah well there are some people that don’t believe in global warming but that still exists. And unlike the temperatures I would quite like my grades to be on an upward trend please.

I lead a thrilling life

“Your classes look so easy”

Thanks? What am I supposed to say to this? Why is this even a thing people say? We all go to the same college so clearly we all study stop trying to make me feel weirdly guilty about enjoying my classes.

“Why do you go to sleep so early? It’s only 1am”

Look as much as I would like to have the stamina to work until 6am everyday I really don’t. Two days in a row with less than 5 hours of sleep and I’m liable to be a public hazard. Also since when did no sleep become the norm? No one tells you a prerequisite for college is to be nocturnal.

“Burnt orange is a terrible color”

I didn’t pick the color so there’s no point in telling me this. Your dislike of my school color literally changes nothing. Yes, we all know burnt orange is a strange color but I don’t walk into your home and insult the wall colors. In fact, if you’re that offended by burnt orange please find a hobby to channel that energy.

“You must party all the time since you live in Austin”

I would like to tell you that’s true but honestly my Friday nights consist mainly of me sleeping or doing homework in order to not fall behind on exams, quizzes and all things that make UT such a competitive university.

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