Condecca is making internships and experience accessible to students

You can show support for the start up by UT students

Did you find yourself struggling to find internships or jobs this year? Do you feel like you’re doing nothing while your friends are getting introduced to the real working world?

As more businesses and employers are searching for experienced college students to fill their lower or entry-level positions, students are struggling to find opportunities that they would benefit from. With little to no prior experience and the inability to land a beneficial internship or job, students are stuck doing something irrelevant to their career, or worse – nothing.

As a solution to this problem, UT students created Condecca. Their goal: to eradicate the “you need to have experience before experience” paradox.

“We know how hard it is to get experience nowadays – we’re students too,” Don Dao, Director of Business Development, said. “What we’re trying to do here at Condecca isn’t for us. We’re using our experiences and our trials and errors to make your experience easier.”

Condecca connects students to employers for short-term internships. Because college students are willing to gain experience for less in order to gain a relevant job in the future, companies can hire these students for less cost than hiring another potential employee. Both parties benefit as college students get real world experience while giving businesses access to enthusiastic, motivated college students that are willing to contribute to their company.

In exchange for the internship, students will be given an employer review accessible to other employers, giving the student a foot in the door to possibly land a bigger and better job in the future. Even if future companies aren’t using Condecca, reviews will still be accessible and valid. This exchange incentivizes students to do well in order to get a good review. High performing students may also receive bonus compensation if their employer chooses to.

Before Condecca launches, they want to get their word out through Thunderclap. To support Condecca, follow this link. You can help spread the word by supporting via Facebook and Twitter, with each one of your friends or followers counting as one social share, respectively. Condecca’s goal is to reach one million social shares by July 5.

“We’re UT students working with a professor to build Condecca for other students,” Hakan Telsiz, CEO and founder, said. “The Thunderclap campaign is an opportunity for us to tell the Longhorn community about Condecca and its mission.”

If you want to be among the first to access the platform, you can create a free account on their website now at Condecca already has students creating accounts from Harvard, UC Berkeley, UPenn, NYU, UT and more! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to gain experience and jumpstart your career.

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