These UT students are trying to help you get experience with Condecca

How is anyone supposed to have work experience before having a job?

Summer is almost here and that means two things: internships and jobs. (UT: What starts here changes how you view vacations.)

For many of us, the school year doesn’t end with finals, but scoring that summer internship or job, which is often an uphill battle. Employers seem to have ever growing demands for entry level positions causing college students to be at a severe disadvantage when applying for positions.

How is anyone supposed to have work experience before having a job?

This is where Condecca comes in: Condecca is a UT based startup that aims to match students with internships and work in order to break the “you need to have experience before experience” paradox. The startup’s founders are in the McCombs School of Business and the Department of Computer Science.

How Condecca works

College students are willing to work for less in order to gain relevant job experience or a useful internship. Companies can hire these students for less cost than other potential employees resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

In a Facebook post, one of the founders, Hakan Telsiz states that, “It’s going to be intelligent in its matching mechanisms; we’re going to greatly reduce the cost of hiring while simultaneously making experience accessible with compulsory reviews.

“Companies will have to leave reviews for students that other companies can access in the future, even if the other companies aren’t using Condecca. This means that students are working with an incentive: getting a targeted review in areas they specify.”

People can currently support Condecca by signing up on the website.

As someone that has struggled trying to find career relevant work, I think Condecca is a really necessary startup. It bridges the gap between school and career work in a way that’s accessible to students without being overwhelming.

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