My home in Houston is now waterfront

People are canoeing down my street

This past week the city of  of Houston experienced record rainfall. According to news sources, the Greater Houston area alone received 240 billion gallons of rain turning the entire city into an eerie version of Atlantis.

People have had to evacuate their homes and major roads have been shut down due to flooding.  Even though they’ve been practically  been practically underwater for the past week the residents have carried on with their lives in true Texas fashion.

Those kids are paddling in my street – I now live on waterfront property.

Houston or Venice?

Nope that’s not a river. This is a retention pond ( it’s roughly 20-25 ft deep) that’s currently overflowed. We have trees and a soccer field in there.

This is what people in my hometown are doing.

Of course, the rain also brought some very serious consequences. Eight people have died and countless have had to be evacuated.  This local news station offers ways to help local victims and to anyone in the Houston area, stay safe!

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