Why Liz Lemon is actually your spirit animal

Ideally, we’d all like to be Leslie Knope, but here are some reasons why Liz Lemon is actually more relatable

As much as we’d all like to¬†be hardworking, optimistic Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation), we sometimes fall a little short. And that’s OK. In reality, we’re all probably more like Liz Lemon (30 Rock) than we care to admit.

Here’s why she’s so relatable:

She understands that food will always be there for you

She knows she should probably eat better, but usually doesn’t

She hasn’t quite perfected the art of dating

But when something does happen to go right, she’ll celebrate

And on some days, she’s just a garbage person

She’s uncomfortable with feelings

She recognizes that working out is an accomplishment

She gets that sometimes you just need a break from people

And that some people aren’t even worth your words

But most of all, she asks the important questions in life

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