Gas poisoning incident on West Campus leaves one dead

21 Pearl evacuated due to hydrogen sulfide

The apartment complex at 21 Pearl was evacuated after hazardous chemicals were detected.

One person has been reported dead and at least one injured and hospitalized after the tragedy, with two others being treated on the scene.

The Austin-Travis County EMS has released information that the man who died was in his 20s.

Students reported smelling sulphur during the evacuation and that the fourth floor was evacuated prior to the rest of the building.

The cause of the incident is still unknown.

Update 5:35pm

Recent statements by Austin Fire Division Chief Palmer Buck have elaborated upon the situation: “Firefighters responded to the hazardous materials call at about 3:22pm. They found a man in cardiac arrest and attempted to resuscitate him.”

Buck also stated that they discovered a ‘warning sign’ outside of the victim’s apartment, although he did not specify any further.

Pearl Street is currently closed from 21st to 23rd street.

Students have been waiting outside for more than an hour.

Currently there have been five injured, one hospitalization, and one fatality.

UT Austin