Why I’m glad I joined the Fencing Club

Yes, I stab other students for fun

Before you even ask, yes, I stab other students for fun.

I joined the UT fencing Club this past fall semester when I heard that beginners were welcome. I went to the first practice night and saw some people who have been fencing for many years. After the club did a mock fencing match with those same people I asked myself, “What am I doing here?”

Yup, the guy I was fencing above has been fencing for 15+ years

I was instantly intimidated. Which I never have been before. I honestly thought about if I should quit.

Beginner’s night, where it all began

However, I stayed. I stayed and fenced and met new people – people whom I would have never met if I had quit. I met my best friend, I met my roommates who I’ll be living with next year. I met such amazing people who all share a passion, a passion to fence.

4/5ths of Foil Squad at a competition

In fencing there are three different types of weapons that you can choose from: saber, foil, or epee. Well, I ended up choosing foil because I thought it looked the coolest. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Four other beginners and myself all picked foil and thus called ourselves “Foil Squad.” We basically hang out with each other almost every day. It makes me sad thinking that I would have never met these great people if I hadn’t joined.

Meet Foil Squad

And the best part to all of this is that I never gave up. Sure there were and still are some times where practice sucks and running up ramps makes you want to die. But I’m glad I stayed. I made so many memories, friends, teammates, and heck, I get a HUGE work out from it too!

These are the ramps that we run for warm up sometimes

So I encourage others to go out there and find a club or organization that seems appealing to you! I made so many great friends and I can only thank the fencing club for that.

I’m glad I joined the fencing club. I’m glad I was able to be on a team with so many great people.

We went to see Deadpool together

En Garde, Ready, Fence!


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