Why The Lodge is obviously the best bar on Sixth Street

It’s dank and dark but it’s home

If you are an avid visitor of the spectacle called Sixth Street, or “the Dirty Sixth” to some, you have a bar that you call home.

Don’t feel like an alcoholic, we all do it.

It’s the place you know you feel welcome, and you will always have a familiar face to share a drink with. You usually know the bouncers by name, and the bartender will come to you quickly even on a crowded night.

For me, home is The Lodge.

Many a night have I started, and ended, my adventures on Sixth here, and always felt right at home. It’s dark and loud, the DJ is playing music I’ve heard a thousand times and yet always am in the mood for, the floors a little sticky but nothing to worry about, the drinks aren’t exceptional, but they are cheap and do the job, and I’m never bumping shoulders with anyone.

As a 6’5″ guy, this is a coveted commodity, especially when I suddenly get the confidence to start dancing (which is more flailing if anything).

Their fishbowls will guarantee a fun night that you won’t remember, and the bar tenders will get your order and your drink faster than it takes most places to swipe a card.

When a friend texts me, “where should we meet?” I always have one answer for them. It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s a chance to make some stories with friends.

I’ve twerked on the counter with a bachelorette party, hid behind the bar to avoid an ex, and made lifetime friends over the loud music and spilled drinks.

So come by my home and see if it is a fit, but don’t worry if it’s not right, there’s plenty out there.

UT Austin