I’m Mexican and I’m voting Republican

Give me Trump over Bernie

Bernie Sanders won the majority votes among young people in the Iowa caucus and just won in New Hampshire, but, as a college student and a Hispanic, I will not vote for him. Here’s why.

Yes, Bernie proposes an appealing socialist vision. However, at the same time, I don’t like it because it does not appeal to me or my family. Ideas like making college tuition free for four years and raising minimum wage.

Everybody loves the idea of eliminating college tuition and thinks it will improve the nation’s economy in the short term. However, what about the long term consequences of these proposals? Yes, Sanders has said we should look up at nation states that have made free college for everyone, such as Finland, Norway and Sweden, which are part of the European Union.

First, eliminating tuition will devalue our degree: it will just be like having a high school diploma, which is not worth much for the workforce today. Additionally, institutions like UT Austin will not have the equipment it needs, it would just be like high school. Yes, he is going to pay this by making Wall Street pay all its taxes.

Secondly, like Alexander Zavala, freshman, Mathematics major, said to me: “We are not Europe, we are America! We need to have that motivation to keep improving!”

Alexander’s uncles did not receive a college education, but that did not stop them from obtaining a technical career. Because they want the best life for their families and they could not happen if they stay on minimum wage.

Which brings me to the other issue: raising the minimum wage to $15.

My friend Matthew, majoring in Economics told me: “That’s crazy.” Why? Because it will increase our neighbor Mexico’s high inflation rates. If Bernie really cares about Hispanics he will understand that many of us still have family on the other side, and want the best for them.

My point is not to discourage you voting for him but at this point if he wins the nomination for the Democratic party I and many others like Alexander and Matthew will turn to the Republican nominee, even when most of their candidates have attacked my racial group.

Bernie is just screaming, offering a democratic socialist world that many people don’t want. Because we believe in self-motivation and the idea that not everything should be given to us, we as Americans have to earn it. I think that is the definition of the American dream. Even if it breaks my heart, I will vote for any Republican nominee because, in the end, any of their crazy-radical proposals that many of them have been proposing, that go against Hispanic will not even happen!

UT Austin