UT Austin rises another two places in most prestigious schools ranking

We ranked higher than Brown, Dartmouth, and Texas A&M

UT Austin is officially one of the top 100 schools in the world and OU still sucks

We’re the 67th best university on earth

Flyers appear at UT calling for frats to form ‘safety squads’ to protect Greek life members

It says: ‘Frats bash back’

UT Austin sends more graduates to Silicon Valley than Ivy League schools

You have more of a shot at that Google job than your dick brother Preston at Yale

‘I’ve never been so proud to be a Longhorn’: Meet the UT freshman who raised $100,000 for Harrison Brown in a day

‘I believe he would have done the same thing for me’

Memorial fund for UT Austin stab victim Harrison Brown raises thousands of dollars

‘We are Longhorns. We are one. We are the University of Texas’

BREAKING: Students evacuated from UT Austin because of ‘tuition pays for bombs’ sign

The CMA and Belo buildings of the Moody College of Communications are being evacuated

Multiple students stabbed on UT Austin campus, one dead

Three people have been stabbed and one has died

UT Austin fraternities spray-painted with ‘rapist’ and ‘racist’

Other tags read ‘Nazis in training’ and ‘kill frat boys’

It’s official: UT Austin has one of the most luxurious student dorms in America

What up Callaway House

PSA: Ellen isn’t going to be on UT’s campus today


Everything that happened at the Women’s March in Austin

Despite Texas being a traditionally red state, the turnout was huge

I changed my major four times and am still graduating on time

I didn’t realize what made me happy until I turned to the last resort.

Every kind of guy you’ll see on Tinder in Austin

Swiping right in ATX

As if we didn’t know why UT Austin has the best student life

We didn’t ask to be the best, it just happened

White Lives Matter rally draws thousands of counter-protesters

‘Slavery, genocide and war. Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great’

‘Therapy Wall’ constructed for students to share post-election emotions

Unsurprisingly, the safe space also housed some explicit messages as well