Hate hoax? ‘NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED’ and Confederate flag sign hung on USC house by ‘bitter neighbor’

The sign also says ‘#MAGA’

Everyone you will meet at Coachella, whether you want to or not

Take the bindi off, seriously

The Rubin Report Strikes Back: Dave Rubin comes to USC to moderate Ayn Rand Institute talk on free speech with Colin Moriarty and Steve Simpson

Rubin’s previously planned appearance was ‘indefinitely postponed’ by DPS in March

Students host Planned Parenthood themed benefit at the Pink House

Part of the $7 cover went to the global organization

USC Kappa Sigma expels member arrested for sexual assault

Armaan Premjee was arrested on sexual assault charges yesterday

BREAKING: Two people arrested on 29th and Ellendale

Neither of them attend USC

USC Memes is losing the national poll for the best meme page

Which we all know must be some kind of technical glitch

Beyond Wonderland brought an electro-heaven to Earth

And we have the photos to prove it

The memery has reached a new level with Pointy Things for Spoiled Pre-Teens stickers

Erik Byargeon, Lucas McGartland and Andrew Ullmann have already surpassed their funding goal

Springfest was canceled in the middle of Migos’ performance because DPS was understaffed

They’ll say, ‘USC students were too bad and boujee’

BREAKING: Unemployed political pundit Tomi Lahren to begin Masters in Public Diplomacy at the USC Price School of Public Policy

The new Tomi Trojan

I tried Beyoncé’s strangest diet trick and it actually kind of worked

Killer of the post-spring break bloat

Civil War over ‘USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens’ group name

Spoiled pre-teens don’t fuck around

This is what happens when you try to shoplift from the bookstore

A student was arrested for trying to steal a piece of clothing

USC’s craziest spring break stories

Spring break was broken … and so were some Trojans

George Lucas’s second $10 million pledge is a game changer for diversity in Hollywood

Lucas added onto his pre-existing $10 million endowment to the School of Cinematic Arts