OPINION: USC’s Instagram account is trash compared to those of other schools

Aesthetic is everything

In this day and age, Instagram aesthetic is everything. And while USC has a lot to offer, it is definitely lacking in the Instagram department.

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USC has one of the most scenic campuses in the country, but the official USC Instagram (@uscedu) manages to make it look extremely unappealing. Not for nothing, but with a $5.1 billion endowment, you’d think USC could take the time, money, and effort to make their Instagram posts look like they were taken on something slightly better than an iPhone 4.

It's been so nice on campus, you have to relax in a hammock. #socallife

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Surf's up on campus. #SurfOn #hangten ✌️🐳🦈🐙

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If you don't think these look bad enough on their own, compare them to some of the Instagram posts of other universities.

It’s Friday and we are looking the part! 🙌🏻🌴☀️ #umiami

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☀️ + 📖 = a perfect day. #Cornell #CornellSummer

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Somehow, even the individual USC schools have a much stronger Instagram game than the official USC account. Looks like someone needs to be promoted.

Mornings at Annenberg… Welcome back from Spring Break! 💫 #ascj

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Oh hello spring! 🌻 #usc #trojans #spring #laweather

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Us USC students definitely know what a good Instagram is. Tragically, it seems like our school doesn't.

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