Did you know you can book a study room at Leavey for longer than the 2 hour limit?

You can book up to 8 (!!!) hours at Leavey!

For group projects, study sessions, or for pure procrastination, Leavey Library allows students to book private study rooms for up to two hours – which never seems long enough. Lucky for you, we've figured out a hack that allows you to book a room for up to eight hours at a time.

The Leavey Library booking system only checks that your email address doesn't already have a booking, and that it ends with usc.edu. So, if you go to Google's AboutMe, you can view all of your USC email addresses, and use each one ending in @usc.edu to book 2 hours each on libcal.

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You can use the following email addresses (that all go to the same inbox!) to reserve eight hours of private library time:

[email protected]

tommy.t[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Just replace "Tommy Trojan" with your own name and there you have it. Happy eight hours of studying!

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