Thoughts everyone has in their first CorePower Yoga sculpt class

Because it is definitely not what you thought it would be…

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1. Ok, yoga, I got this, should be nice and relaxing.

2. $26? Do you think my parents will pay for this? I mean, it is fitness, but then again, the gym is free…

3. Wow, this room is HOT.

4. 5 pound and 8 pound weights, this will work.

5. Cat, cow, upward dog, downward dog, I don’t get what the hype is this seems like a regular hot yoga class to me…

6. Why did Cardi B just start playing?

7. OK, so this is a LITTLE faster than I expected.

8. She said to use the heavy weights, 8 pounds here we go.

9. Nope, nope, need the 5 pounders.

10. I should’ve chosen the 3 pound ones, oh my god.

11. Push ups?! In yoga?!

12. My arms are going to fall off my body.

13. How does that girl have her leg like that? My leg does NOT bend like that.

14. I have never sweat more in my life.

15. Oh no, not a beat drop! That can only mean…

16. Mountain climbers?! Can we just go back into Child’s Pose? Please!


18. This is not what I signed up for.

19. Water. Water. I NEED water.

20. How are the people in the front row doing this so effortlessly?

21. I think I need an inhaler and I do not even have asthma.

22. Thank the lord, she opened the door. Cool air! Bless!

23. I should not have eaten that pizza today, wow.

24. How have I not fainted yet?

25. My. Thighs. Are. Shaking.

26. Wow, I am out of shape.

27. I never thought I would be doing yoga to Marshmello…but I kind've like it.

28. I am sweating so much 9 layers of skin have fallen off my body.

29. Almost at the end! Amazing!

30. This stretch section would be relaxing if I had the energy to stretch.

31. My heart is still beating so fast.

32. That was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

33. I am the epitome of health. I am reborn. I am fit and fabulous. No desserts for me. Only kale and whey protein.

34. When can I go back?

35. I am literally going to get a job just so I can go to class every day.

36. Wait is that Baked Bear? I just did yoga sculpt, I deserve it!

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