Overheard at the PAC-12 Championship Game

‘Dad, does this mean USC is going to the Super Bowl?’

“Maybe if I keep drinking I’ll black out and forget we lost.”

Does this strategy also works for forgetting about finals this week?

“Dude I have a paper due at 12… why am I here?”

Because #priorities.

“I’m paying 70k a year to go to school. I’ll suck it up and pay $5 for the churro.”

Again… #priorities.

“How are there more USC fans here than Stanford fans?”

Dedication, that’s how.

“If I hear the Stanford band one more time my ears will literally start to bleed.”

We all know that they can’t compete with the greatest marching band in the history of the universe.

“Those dirty trojans… dirty, dirty trojans.”

I’m… not sure how to take this.

“Dad, does this mean USC is going to the Super Bowl?”

Kid knows his football.

“You know what they say, the best four years of a USC student’s life are… third grade.”

You’re just jealous that we peaked early.

“USC probably uses their endowment to pay off the refs.”

Not all of it… have you seen the Village?

“Why is the band playing ‘UCLA sucks’ against Stanford?”

First of all, it’s called, "Tusk."

"I went to UCLA, so honestly I'm rooting for the sweet kiss of death before either of these teams. Second place goes to Stanford, though."

Someone's a little salty.

"Wait what happened? I was looking at the memes page."


“Woah that kid just won $100,00 in tuition money from the Dr. Pepper competition… he’ll be able to afford like, 3 books next semester.”

Maybe 4 if he rents instead of buys.

“Wait, so they’re not the Stanford cardinals?”

Stanford, clear this up for us.

“SC stands for safety school.”

We get it, you go to Stanford.

“This is the only time I’ll support deforestation!”

Super unique and original.

“I don’t think anyone loves USC as much as USC loves USC.”

Kanye mentality.

Until next year, Stanford.

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