Young Indonesian designer creates her niche at LA Fashion Week

Celebrating diversity through fashion

This year's LA fashion week featured some of the best rising designers in fashion industry, including young Indonesian designer Savira Lavinia, who puts a strong importance on diversity.

LA fashion week is a biannual event showcasing multi-brand runway shows featuring award winning designers from around the world. It's a permanent fixture in the international fashion week circuit alongside London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

New designer, Savira Lavinia, made a much-anticipated appearance as she is popularly dubbed "one to watch" by fashion editors around the world. Lavinia graduated from ESMOD Jakarta School of Design in 2013 and has since found her own label, SAV LAVIN.

SAV LAVIN's collections experiment with science and use materials like hand-made thermochromics, manually molded rubber fabric, neoprene, and mesh. Her basic patterns play with hand-drawn illustrations printed digitally and drawn on to her mesh and cotton fabrics.

The Tab asked Lavinia for some tips, suggestions or inspiration for the yet to be fashionistas.

The Tab: What do you showcase in your collections?

Lavin: I wanted to show that designers are capable of doing more than just beautiful themes. I am not an expert in social impact or anything but thats what I'm trying to do. I feel that it's worth sharing and most of the designers have the power to help others achieve it.

The Tab: What is your theme for this year?

Lavin: I chose earthy colors for this year. I chose blue because it's quite personal to me because I always write in my diary with a blue pen.

The Tab: What are you trying to achieve through your fashion line?

Lavin: I wanted to create art and I also wanted to create something that's wearable. I mix both of them, and that's fashion!

The Tab: Any tips for young fashionistas out there?

Lavin: don't be afraid. just go for it because every time you go out there you'll learn something. When you get something wrong, that's the best part of learning.

As her collections change for every fashion week, her vision stays the same: a dedication to create a story using traditional handcrafted methods and techniques.

Be sure to keep her in your tab if you are a fashion follower.

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