Another 24 hour Starbucks location just opened on campus

RIP Café 84

Starbucks added their fourth on-campus location under King Hall this week, which is their sixth location in the USC area.

Like Trojan Grounds, the new coffee shop will be open 24 hours a day. Unlike Trojan Grounds, you can actually study here.

The space looks almost exactly the same as what Café 84 used to look like, but the Starbucks counter is in place of the salad bar.

They also added a few walls, some linoleum floors, and slapped their iconic green Siren logo in the window. The space where students used to line up to get hot food is closed off entirely and the menu is balanced on a shelf instead of fastened to the wall.

Clearly, the store is still working out a few kinks, as dining dollars aren't accepted there yet, and you still have to pay taxes on your order even if you have a student ID. The barista said it should be worked out by the end of this week.

Starbucks is officially one step closer to their monopoly on coffee shops at USC.

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