The internet has no time for the Daily Trojan’s scorching hot Harvey Weinstein take

But, ‘You Do Uterus’…

The latest opinion in the Daily Trojan: "The Republican War on Women helped make Harvey Weinstein."

You know, because we now blame all of our societal problems on President Trump, neglecting to acknowledge that men like Harvey Weinstein existed for centuries before our current leader took office – and dare I say, some of the worst offenders were even Democrats.

The commentary piece was published as part of a weekly column titled, "You Do Uterus." If the article title and the column name aren't enough to make you wince, the reporter failed to elaborate on the actual root of sexual harassment and instead, pinned it on our political climate.

"There’s no shortage of people and historical traditions to blame for this, but the decades-long Republican war on women is one starting point," she wrote.

Naturally, the haters took to the internet to express their true feelings on the commentary.

But, hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how one-sided or poorly researched. ~You do uterus~

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