Former USC Linebacker Osa Masina pleads guilty to sexual battery, avoiding felony rape trial

He now faces only 3 years in prison

Former USC linebacker Osa Masina has pled guilty to three charges of sexual battery, avoiding a felony rape case.

Masina, 20, was initially charged with three charges of first-degree felonies, carrying a maximum life sentence. Under the plea deal, Masina only faces a maximum of three years in prison, but will not go serve jail time until his sentence is made in December. He will also not be forced to register as a sex offender.

The former USC linebacker was accused of raping a 19 year-old woman while she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol in July 2016. The victim agreed to the plea deal after the presiding judge refused to accept evidence including Snapchat videos and pornographic photos taken during the rape.

USC dismissed Masina from the football team in September 2016 after the allegations were brought to their attention.

Defense attorney Greg Skordas said Masina believed all acts were consensual, but the victim “was clearly impaired and perhaps he should have taken that into account.”


Time to add Masina to the list of people USC will probably consider hiring for executive positions in the near future.

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