Ironically, Harvey Weinstein set up a foundation last year to support women directors at USC

Weinstein was just accused of decades of sexual harassment

For the past year, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been raising funds to create a foundation in support of women directors at USC.

The news came out in a statement that responded to the New York Times article that uncovered nearly three decades of sexual assault allegations against the Pulp Fiction producer.

The statement said: "One year ago, I began organizing a $5 million foundation to give scholarships to women directors at USC.

"While this might seem coincidental, it has been in the works for a year."

It is unclear how much of the $5 million he has raised thus far, and when the foundation will be set-up. Weinstein did, however, point out it's ironic nature, and in turn announced that the foundation will be named after his mother, Miriam.

"I won't disappoint her," Weinstein said in the statement.

Although Weinstein is not an alumnus of the institution, he spoke at the School of Cinematic Arts in 2015 about his career. The same year, Weinstein and the Miramax Film Corp. donated about $50,000 to USC.

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