Get your own damn game day look…Song Girl skirts are a USC thing

An ode to the ~USC~ Song Girl skirt

USC game days are as legendary as our athletic program itself. Out of that has grown a specific game day culture unique to our campus.

Every fall, we loyally tailgate on the Row, make the trek to the Coli, kick those flag poles, and enter through Gate 28 to watch some good old-fashioned football.

And we wear our goddamn Song Girl skirts.

Keyword: Song Girl. These are not “cheerleader” skirts. They’re not “dance team” skirts. They are a white, high-waisted, stripe-hemmed, pleated circle of fabric synonymous with USC game day and USC game day alone.

These are the Song Girls:

Stopping traffic with Tusk on Main St. in Park City, Utah! #beattheutes #fighton #tusk

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Thank You Catalina! 🇺🇸

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The sweaters (or sometimes, crop tops). The skirts. The cheerleader-meets-dance-team vibes. The perfectly curled hair left down that NEVER ends up in their faces.

Does your school have them? If the answer is no, then why are you wearing a SONG GIRL skirt to your school’s football game?

Don't understand what I'm getting at? Here are some side-by-sides of your schools' Song Girl-equivalents with pictures of your USC-inspired game day looks.


Good morning Bruins! @uclafootball plays Colorado tonight at 7:30. We can't wait to see you bring the energy to the Rose Bowl! #bruinchampion | #BeatColorado

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Daydreaming of Gameday 💭 May your coffee be strong & your Monday be short #HappyMonday

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Our Bears are 3-0 and it’s GAME DAY!!! Let’s get another win and beat the Trojans! #ThisIsBearTerritory

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1 month till Tailgate Szn 🏈 🎉💕#gamedayneverlookedsogood

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U of A

Very successful Beanie Bowl last night! Thanks to all who came to support, we'll see you next Saturday!🏈 #ONEWEEK

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Gamebaes 💞 #beardown Shop $80 + and receive FREE shipping Shop $50 + and get a FREE tote-bag 🎉

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We ready…🏈

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Forks Up Devils 🏈 #tgif @kyracoe

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Wear it loud, wear it proud 🚩 #hypeandvice

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There are far more offenders, too.

You don't have to tell us the Song Girls are cute– that’s why we dress like them. Just be original and stop using USC game day culture to make your tailgates – and Instagrams – better.

Maybe it's perpetrated by certain game day clothing brands, but buying into them and copying us only feeds our superiority complex that you all so desperately want to see die.

Just leave our pleats alone.

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