USC Annenberg benefactor Judge Judy doesn’t know what it means to be a feminist and ‘absolutely’ does not want to make the same amount of money as men

She wanted debate, so let’s start one

With a gift to USC Annenberg, everyone's favorite television judge, Judith Sheindlin, aka "Judge Judy," established the Sheindlin Forum for public debate with the purpose of "fostering civil discourse on the campus," Variety reports. And if you build it, they will come.

So, Judge Judy, why don't you consider yourself a feminist and why are you against wage equality?

Yep, it's true. In a clip from an interview with Fox News, Judge Judy reveals that she "absolutely" does not want equal pay to men.

Furthermore, she admits she is not a feminist because she does not know what it means to be a feminist.

In a Variety article, she asked "How can you make up your mind on an issue if you don’t have information?" Perhaps that question should be turned back on herself.

On the Forum, Dean Willow Bay of USC Annenberg said, "We want USC Annenberg to lead these conversations and be a center of well-informed and substantial dialogue and debate." Maybe Judge Judy should start spending some time in her own establishment in order to check herself before she wrecks herself.

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