Let’s stop the ‘manmosa’ before it becomes trendy

Because it’s 2017 but women still can’t drink beer

The “manmosa” is the manly take on the mimosa, the classic brunch cocktail, because men need to be reassured of their masculinity while enjoying brunch.

Mimosas are a heavenly mix of champagne and orange juice, best served bottomless. The new, manmosa, is a combination of champagne, orange juice, and beer, best served never. Some bars even add vodka to the concoction to give the drink an extra manly touch.


It’s basically a beer-slash-mimosa-slash-screwdriver, a.k.a. glorified jungle juice for former frat bros who are too insecure to enjoy a refreshing bubbly cocktail with their three-egg omelet on a Sunday morning.

Not only are manmosa drinkers insecure, but men once again found a way to degrade women. The drink insinuates that women do not drink beer, the “manliest” of all drinks.

It’s OK though, we’re content with our beer and vodka-free mimosas. And we won’t be ill after one drink, since men still haven’t learned not to mix beer and liquor. #neversicker

To all the manmosa lovers out there, you’re embarrassing yourself. And news flash, there’s nothing more masculine than a man enjoying a mimosa, with nothing to prove.

Next week on #fragilemasculinity: “manteresting”

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